*** Introduction ***

The WaveMasters is a group dedicated to the building, flying and display of all types of radio controlled aircraft.

Our field is located in Hollister and we have members from many of the surrounding areas such as San Jose and Santa Clara.

Our members fly a wide range of aircraft including sport, electric, jets, IMAC, pattern and pylon.

Flyers of all types are welcome to join the club and everyone is welcomed to come out and watch.

Membership requires AMA membership. Here is a
link to the AMA site if you are not yet a member.

If you are interested, best time to find a group at the field is weekends between 9 and noon.

Directions to the field:

The field is located on Frazier Lake Road, on the East side of Hwy 25, south of Shore Road and north of 156.

Link to google maps view of field.

For more information, contact us at info@wavemastersrc.org and we'll be happy to help you.