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As of March 2, 2021, still open only to members, no guests.  Must obey social distancing protocols and wear masks.

Club Newsletter - Minutes of General Meeting Held October 19, 2019

Wavemasters General Meeting
October 19,2019
Meeting was called to order at 10:15 am
Nominations for club officers was held and the following members and positions will be voted for.
President.                                 Bruce Riechers
Vice President.                         Kevin Beatty
Secretary-Treasure.                 Paul Tomaszewski
Two positions are open for Club Executive Board Officer.
Tree nominations were made.
Rich Cassata.          (Current Officer)
Brett Enzensperger (Current Officer)
Robert Reed

Election vote will be done on Saturday, November 16,2019 at 10:00am at the field.

Treasure reported club fund balance of. $xxxxxx as of October 17,2019.

2020 Club Dues
All dues will remain the same for the year 2020.
$110.00 for the year as a full member.
Dues must be paid by Friday, January 31,2020. Club dues shall be paid by check, money order or cash. Cash must be received by the Treasurer in person.
Do Not Mail Cash!

The month of February 2020 will be a wait period to allow all checks to clear and be deposited. On the first of March 2020, any open memberships slots will be available to be filled from the wait list until Club Membership reaches the cap of 90 members.

Gate combination will be changed March 1st to the new code on the back of your 2020 Wavemasters Membership Card.