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As of March 2, 2021, still open only to members, no guests.  Must obey social distancing protocols and wear masks.

Club Newsletters

 TitleCreated onUpdated OnAuthor
news article about the club10/11/202010/11/2020Conrad, Thomas
Minutes of General Meeting Held October 19, 201910/21/201910/21/2019Conrad, Thomas
CrossTalk October 201910/19/201910/22/2019Conrad, Thomas
CrossTalk October 2019 b10/19/201910/22/2019Conrad, Thomas
CrossTalk September 201809/20/201809/22/2018Beatty, Kevin
Frequently Asked Questions08/14/201809/24/2018Conrad, Thomas
CrossTalk August 201708/01/201709/13/2018Conrad, Thomas